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5 questions to ask your aging parents

As your parents get older, it can be important to ask them some questions about their estate plan. Making sure your parents have plans in order before their death is imperative. It can be hard to believe, but only one in four Americans have a will, an essential part of any estate plan. 

1. Have you planned financially for long-term care?

Talking to your parents about their finances can be tricky. Not everyone wants to speak openly about the money that they have saved, if any. However, it can be important to know where they stand currently and what financial situation they are in.

2. When did you last update your estate plan?

If you know that your parents have already made an estate plan, it is good to ask if they have been regularly maintaining it. If not, there may be things that they want added but haven’t had the time, or have forgotten, to do.

3. Where do you want to live during retirement?

If your parents have any medical conditions or issues, such as Alzheimer’s, it is best to ask these questions before they are not able to answer them. If not, it is still good to ask. You never know when your parents will no longer be able to care for themselves anymore. Both you and your parents will be happier if you consider their wishes before it is too late.

4. What kind of medical care and life-saving measures do you want?

Often, individuals have strong opinions on whether they want to be kept on life support, about resuscitation and other medical measures. In order to have their wishes kept in mind in the case of needing to take these measures, it is wise to have them write it in their estate plan.

5. Who do you want to make decisions for you in the event of incapacity?

If you parents ever come to the point where they are incapacitated and unable to make their own medical, financial, and legal decisions, making sure they designate an individual to carry out their wishes is vital.

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