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Getting Washington Medicaid for your nursing home

It can be stressful on both an emotional and financial level when you are planning to move your parents into a nursing home. You want your parents to have the best care they can get, but their fixed income makes it difficult to afford. Even if you have some money to spare, you still have your own finances to worry about as well.

That’s where Medicaid comes in. Unlike Medicare, it is a joint federal and state health program designed to provide financial aid towards medical costs of people with limited income. However, it can be a complicated process to apply for in every state, so you need to know how it works in Washington before signing your parents up.

Check to see if the nursing home accepts Medicaid.

The official site for Medicaid warns applicants to make sure that their potential nursing home will accept Medicaid. Not all nursing homes will accept Medicaid. This means you’ll pay for care using your personal money or life insurance policy for long-term care. If Medicaid does not cover everything for your parents, then you might need to consider another nursing home in the state.

Know what Medicaid can cover.

If the nursing home does allow a Medicaid plan, it can potentially cover for long-term nursing home care. It is important to know the difference between this and Medicare, as Medicare is not designed for long-term care programs that are necessary in a nursing home.

You can still use Medicare for other services such as hospital visits and medical supplies. However, Medicaid is essential if your loved ones plan on staying in the nursing home for a while.

Check the eligibility requirements for Medicaid.

Medicaid in Washington state is called Washington Apple Health. It has numerous variables to determine if you or your loved ones are eligible for the program. The conditions will help resolve how much Washington Apple Health can help with covering your medical needs. Some of these include the applicant’s:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Property
  • Disability
  • Family
  • Marital status
  • Citizenship status

Trying to understand everything in the application process and program can be challenging. The rules are always changing and Medicaid is set up differently in other states. If you have questions on your parents’ eligibility or need help with the application, be sure to do ample research of the sources available to you that can help with the process.

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