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If I die Unexpectedly, Who Gets My Seahawks Season Tickets?

Seahawks Charter Seat License (CSL) seats on the loge or lower level are a hot commodity that several in your circle of family and friends would like to have. If you should die unexpectedly, who would get your season tickets?

The individual team sets the conditions of the season ticket contract, so it's essential to have the right information about your ownership situation. The ticket transfer system for one team may not work for another team.

Here are some points to consider to make sure that a friend or loved one has the opportunity to show their Blue Pride in some of the best seats in the CenturyLink Field.

What If I Designate The Season Ticket Heir In My Will?

A will or trust is essential to have for many other reasons than season ticket designation, and it is an excellent place to name who will receive your Seahawks Charter Season Seats. If you don't designate who you want to inherit your CSL rights, a disagreement, and perhaps an all-out fight will ensue that you didn't intend to start. There has been at least one documented case where the fight over season tickets has delayed the closure of an estate for over a decade.

Are Transfer Forms Necessary?

Some teams utilize their own specialized transfer forms as the primary way season ticket owners designate who will inherit their rights. In these cases, the transfer form has more authority than the decedent's will.

For example, the Green Bay Packers insist that season ticket holders fill out a Packer season ticket transfer form to leave them to an heir. If a form isn't used and the ticket holder dies, the season ticket rights can pass only to one immediate family member. If there's no immediate family member, the tickets return to the Packer organization.

What Is The Seahawks Way?

In contrast, the Seahawks permit private transfers of CSL ownership to family members and friends. The executor of the estate needs to provide proof of the inheritance designation. The organization even waives the transfer fee of $250 when the transaction is the result of settling a deceased season ticket holder's estate. Season ticket rights in the club or general seating sections are not transferrable.

The Best Option

Various assets need special classification and treatment in order to be able to pass to the persons you intend. The best option for your peace of mind is to consult with an estate planning attorney to ensure the designation of your assets is complete and in good order.

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