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Real Estate Transactions and Dispute Resolutions

Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions usually involve a complexity that is more than you should embark upon yourself. In order to ensure that all the relevant details are reviewed, and your interests are protected, it is prudent to have a qualified, real estate attorney review your transactions and/or draft your agreements. We can make a difference in ways you may not even be able to anticipate. If you are unfamiliar with real estate law and are seeking a real estate lawyer in Queen Anne or the greater Puget Sound area that provides personalized service, contact us. We handle all aspects of real estate transactions on behalf of both buyers and sellers. If you are in need of a qualified real estate attorney, we would be happy to discuss your situation. Contact us to discuss how we may be of service for your unique real estate transaction needs.

Aspects of real estate transactions that we typically handle are:

  • Working with clients and accountants to structure real estate transactions;
  • Negotiation of the terms of all types of real estate transactions;
  • Drafting real estate purchase and real estate sale agreements;
  • Drafting commercial, residential and industrial lease agreements;
  • Providing legal representation of "For Sale By Owners";
  • Drafting Deeds and excise tax statements;
  • Drafting promissory notes and security agreements;

Dispute Resolutions

Real estate disputes can occur for a variety of reasons. Although litigation is necessary in some situations, early resolution of a dispute can save you a great amount of time, money and emotional strain. If you are facing a possible real estate dispute, you need a seasoned attorney who can help you protect your interests. Contact us to discuss how we may be of service for your real estate dispute resolution needs.

We have assisted clients with contractual disputes in the following areas:

  • Ownership, title and escrow issues for real estate transactions;
  • Providing legal representation for real estate litigation matters;
  • Boundary line and adverse possession disputes;
  • Real estate property law and land use matters.

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